Beginning Birding Tour

Beginning Birding Tour

Birding 101 !

Ever wonder what birding entails?  Learn about this hobby, especially for beginners!  Pasión Costa Rica offers a private “Beginning Birding” tour in Monteverde, Costa Rica, home to 250 species of birds.  It’s a perfect way to get a better idea of what bird watching really means.  The tour starts with a brief explanation of birdwatching basics; you’ll learn how to train yourself in colors, foods, behavior, sizes, rareness, and sounds.  You’ll also learn the dynamics of the forests of the Monteverde area, how to properly use binoculars and telescope, how birders’ minds work, how to start a bird list, and observe whatever birds we can find in the forest that day.  We especially look for bellbirds, quetzals, orange bellied trogans, and hummingbirds.  Binoculars, transport, entrances fees to the trail, a spotting scope, guide fields and guide are provided on the tour.  This tour is an approximately 3hr tour, similar to the Cloud Forest Tour.  The difference is that it will have a birding focus.


Private tour (this tour not available as a group tour):

  • Private tour for 1-7 people: $130 USD (total, not per person).
  • Private tour for 8-14 people:$160 USD (total, not per person).
  • These prices include private guide and transportation.  Entrance fees are additional, and can be paid directly at the trailheads. Entrance fees run $10-$27 USD per person, depending on the trail, and adult/child prices.
  • Subject to guide availability.
  • Minimum age 16 (exceptions definitely available, but please inquire)
  • What to bring:
    • Layers for cool or warm weather
    • Closed toed shoes
    • Camera



  • private guide
  • use of binoculars during tour, binocular/telescope training
  • transportation from main Santa Elena/Monteverde areas
  • The trails have insurance policies, as well as Pasión Costa Rica.

Not included:

  • entrance fees, which you can pay directly at the trail.  The entrance fees run from $14-$27 USD per person depending on the trial.

Prices valid through December 2020.


Be a good traveler!  Please follow the following rules and recommendations while on trails. / Favor seguir las siguientes instrucciones y recomendaciones cuando estás en los senderos:

  • Keep noise level down. / Manténgase en silencio.
  • If you are with a guide, follow the guide’s instructions or recommendations. / Si estás con un guía naturalista, siga sus instrucciones y recomendaciones.
  • Pay attention to signage. / Prestar atención a la rotulación.
  • Stay on the trail. / Manténgase en el sendero.
  • Don’t extract flora or fauna. / No extraiga flora o fauna.
  • Wear closed toed shoes. / Use zapatos cerrados.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. / Use ropa adecuada para el clima.